Joe Czepil

I build web apps from scratch. I'm currently building my own ventures and doing freelance on the side but if you have a web app you want built, let's chat.

I follow agile processes with a pragmatic approach to ensure that web apps are built quickly, satisfy customer needs, and can scale into the future.

// Credentials

Bachelor of Engineering, Business Minor, EIT, Dog Dad

// Now

// Past

  • Muriel

  • Certn

    Full Stack Developer
  • GetSmart Solutions

    Lead Product Developer
  • Liefbase

  • Global Relay

    Front-end Developer
  • ACD Systems

    Quality Assurance

I post some thoughts on Twitter, my art on Bard, some other art on Dribbble, and the occasional blog post on Medium. If you want to see my code, checkout my Github and if you reeeally want to see my Linkedin, then you can. Don't forget to plant some trees with Ecologi.

python, django, django rest framework, javascript, typescript, react, vue, aws, s3, cloudfront, iam users, heroku, git, github, gitlab, azure devops, jira, postgres, html, css, scss, golang, scrum, project management, agile development, story points, sql, problem solving, unit testing, slack, discord, community management, client meetings, demos, expectation management, mvp