Joe Czepil

Web developer

// Now

Pictus · Building software to help Recycling Programs recover, recycle, and reuse materials

Bastila · Track the progress of your code quality

DetourAhead · Questioning how we design our cities

Youtube · Build a React & Django App

Precision · Building software for essential services

// Credentials

Bachelor of Engineering, Business Minor, Dog Dad

// Past

Bard · Solo Founder $50MRR, 600+ users, 1000+ posts

Muriel · Early Developer

Certn · Full Stack Developer

GetSmart Solutions · Lead Product Developer

Liefbase · Business Pitcher & Developer

Global Relay · Front-end Developer

ACD Systems · Quality Assurance

Where I'm at on the web

twitter, youtube, letterboxd,,, substack, ecologi, github, medium, gumroad, ko-fi, tumblr,, linkedin

Some of my skills

python, django, django rest framework, javascript, typescript, react, vue, aws, s3, cloudfront, iam users, heroku, git, github, gitlab, azure devops, jira, postgres, html, css, scss, golang, scrum, project management, agile development, story points, sql, problem solving, unit testing, slack, discord, community management, client meetings, demos, expectation management, mvp